‘The Breakfast Club’ – 5 breakfast recipes that keeps you happy all day

Of course we are going to start this blog with the Queen B. It’s BREAKFAST time! I love breakfast, everyone loves breakfast, but we just never seem to have time for it. Having a proper nice breakfast is like a luxury to me lately, which is a tragedy. With all the morning lectures and midnight coursework-ing, I have ruined a lot of good starts of my days. For this entry I am going to share 5 of my personal favourite breakfast recipes, which are time-saving, easy to make and – of course – delicious.

Breakfast, on top of tea time, is my favourite meal of the day and it does so many good things for you! Breakfast kickstart your body and it improves your mood and your concentration for the rest of the day.  It’s simple: you have food = you are happy = you have energy. Who would want to start a day with an empty stomach? And, breakfast is actually very important for healthy weight management. Do not skip breakfast if you are trying to lose weight! In the matters of fact, you might actually gain weight by skipping breakfast simply because breakfast gives you the energy to exercise more and it keeps you full for longer, click here if you want to learn more.

Personally I prefer something refreshing rather than heavy for breakfast. A full English breakfast just doesn’t really appeal to me in the morning. I enjoy something sweet and fruity to start my day. Partly because I am a sweet tooth but mostly it’s because having fruits in the morning are really good for digestion. Also, I once read an article about having sugar in the morning will help to improve your memory. So, here are my favourite breakfast recipes:

1. Simple Baked Eggs – from My Recipes.com

(Click here for full recipe)

My father once said, ‘A breakfast without eggs just doesn’t seem right’. I believe many people would agree with him because eggs are amazing for breakfast. They provide protein, vitamins and minerals for you to start your day, they keep you full and they are inexpensive. This recipe is very easy and the thing I like about it is that I can actually use the cooking time to get change and put on my makeup. One handy tip for this recipe: If you are really running out of time, add more cream and put it into the microwave for 50 sec instead of using the oven. If it’s not cooked enough, put it back for another 20 sec, repeating the step until you’re happy with it.

2. Chocolate Banana Bourbon Crepes – from A Cozy Kitchen

(Click here for full recipe)

I love chocolate, I love banana and I love crepes! That pretty much explained why this beautiful recipe is on the list. I prefer crepes to pancakes because the texture of crepes is thin and moist and it just makes you want more of it, not to mention that I am a terrible pancake maker. And, crepes are actually much easier and quicker to make compare to pancakes. This recipe will take you less than 15 minutes if you have a blender. To save more time, you can use Nutella or other chocolate sauces instead of melting the chocolate. You will not be disappointed. Amusez-vous bien!

3. Wild Berry Breakfast Smoothie – from I Wash You Dry

(Click here for full recipe)

Smoothie for breakfast is always good and this healthy smoothie recipe has made it to my favourite of all time. It is not too sweet yet it’s very fruity. The mixed berries are good for your digestion and eye-sight and the dairy is essential for bone-building and balanced diet. You can always customize it to your personal preferences by using different fruits, yogurt and milk. Smoothie is never hard to make especially if you have a nice blender. Spent 5 minutes in the morning and this beauty will definitely light up your day.

4. Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta – from Nigella Lawson

(Click here for full recipe)

You know sometimes you just got out of bed and feel extremely hungry? This recipe will be your solution. Avocado with lime juice serve on top with a slice of warm bread. Easy and yummy! I am a fan of avocado, not just because of the smooth and unique texture but avocado is very good for glossing your hair and nails. Remember to mash the avocado with a fork instead of spoon or knife and finish the avocado in a short period of time once you have peeled it. It will gives you mysterious energy for you day!

5. Black Sticky Rice with Banana & Coconut Cream – from Eat Like a Girl

(Click here for full recipe)

Rice for breakfast? Why not! Having rice for breakfast is actually very common in many Asian countries. This is one of my favourite Saturday breakfast, just imagine waking up on a Saturday morning without anything to worried about accompanied by this warm, sweet and satisfying oriental dessert. This recipe seems to be more time-consuming than the others but it only takes you 20 minutes as long as you soak the rice the night before. And I’m surprised that not many women know black sticky rice are actually very good for improving blood circulation, click here to find out more. I have to say this is one of the most pleasing breakfast I’ve ever had.

Please vote for your favourite breakfast recipe and tell me what do you think of them. And, always remember to have breakfast! Breakfast is like the easiest way to light up your day. I always have a banana before I leave the house when I am too busy to make anything. I mean, all you need to do is peel it. Let’s cheers for the breakfast!


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