Top Chef: Just Desserts

Desserts have a magical power to heal and cheer you up especially when you are in a bad mood. I have to confess, I eat a lot of chocolate when I am sad but I even eat more when I’m happy because it just makes you happier. I also enjoy making desserts and I used to work in a Japanese cake shop back in Hong Kong. Here are some of the desserts I’ve made in the past:



On the top from left to right we have brownie tart and strawberry cream cheese cupcakes and on the second row we have some beautiful marbled chocolate meringues and Mochi (which is a sweet, chewy Japanese dessert with red bean fillings). I might do an entry about summer desserts later, which I will share the recipes of these desserts, but today I want to talk about a delightful TV series.

I watch Top Chef from time to time and I can’t believe it took them 7 seasons to finally start a desserts version of it. Top Chef: Just desserts is just like Top Chef but with the focus on desserts and the contestants are all pastry chefs. And, just like Top Chef, they need a beautiful female host and  a tough chef as the head judge.


Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini is the host and head judge of this highly competitive TV series and the contestants are professional pastry chefs with high level of skills. It’s more than baking cupcakes and cookies, it is showcasing the best of the best in the world of pastry arts. I’m not a fan of dramatic reality show but this mouth-watering TV series has really got me into it. Each episode has one Quick-fire challenge and one Elimination challenge and the themes of these challenges are sometime very creative and stunning. One of my favourite challenges is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Chefs in teams were asked to create a pure imagination room where everything in the room has to be edible. I mean, this is like a DREAM! Forgive my immaturity but I was a bit jealous of the kids who were invited.

TCJDwonkahive copytop-chef-just-desserts-season-2-gallery-rate-the-plate-204-top-chef-just-desserts-season-2-gallery-episode-204-32_0

There are also themes related to fashion, animals, weddings and more. The best part is the recipes of some of these creative and beautiful desserts are available on the official website. This is a high-pressure competition and it gives such good excitement  through the time limitation and amazing skills from the chefs. Watch the video below and you will understand how raving the competition is.

It is just enjoyable to see how they turned simple desserts like doughnuts to a piece of art. Desserts making is a combination of science and art. You may have a great idea but you can’t really execute it without the precise measurement and you may have good skills but you won’t stand out among all the talented chiefs. This is a great TV series and I really really really hope the new season comes out soon. Now, I am going to make myself some chocolate chip cookies….


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